Monday 13 March 2017

​World GK in Gujarati – General Knowledge GK in Gujarati

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World GK in Gujarati – General Knowledge GK in Gujarati

General Knowledge is Useful Point for All competitive exams.

Because Every Competitive Exam Like Binsachivlay Clerk, Police Exam, Tet, Htat and Gpsc Exams And many other Exams have useful our audio file…

In this file you can get some imp information. We hope that This File is become very useful for our valuable visitors to doing best preparation of Competitive Exams. These Questions are also useful for upcoming POLICE/PSI EXAM, Binsachivalay clerk. Tet 1, Tet 2 , H-tat other Exams Like police constable, clerk etc…..We Also publish these type of Pdf  File  on our site Daily.  Download these files daily and store in your phone or pc for future reference. Read these questions and make perfect your knowledge.
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  1. Important invention and founders
  2. Geographical nicknames of all countries
  3. Freedom fighters of different countries
  4. First in world
  5. Deepest valley and beach in world
  6. Deepest cave and top 10 long rivers in world
  7. List of cities and countries on river banks
  8. Biggest deserts and islands in world
  9. Ancient countries and sea in world
  10. List of national anthems of all countries
  11. Natural and Synthetic lakes in world
  12. List of all newspapers (world wide)
  13. List of centers of satellite launching in world
  14. Small and Large countries (by Area)
  15. Small and Large countries (by Population
  16. World’s major languages and it’s speakers
  17. All about United Nations Organization
  18. (U.N.O.)List of world’s all secret agencies