Tuesday 19 December 2017

Gujarat Cm Banva Mate 4 Name Charcha ma VTV News

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Cm Ne Lay 4 Name Sarchama  VTV News
Ahmedabad: In the Gujarat assembly elections, once again the BJP has gained power. However, who will be the CM of Gujarat now? Discussions have begun on that issue. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is reported to be in a state of discomfort again.
Then a new face in Gujarat can be chosen for the CM position. According to the data, the party wants a face which can not equal the PM Modi’s popularity in Gujarat. But in Gujarat the BJP has given the confidence of development. It can be completed.
Be able to come to the public’s expectations and at the same time be able to unite BJP leaders. According to sources, in the race of Chief Minister, textiles minister Smriti Irani tops the list. With the strong leadership of Smriti Irani, being a proficient and Gujarati person, PM is one of the trusted ministers of Modi.
In other words, the Central Road Transport, Highway and Shipping is the name of the State Minister Mansukh Mandviya. Being a leader of Mandviya Patidar is a farmer and leader of the land. In the third place, Vajubhai Baika’s name is being chanted. It comes from Kshatriya society. And currently the current governor of Karnataka.
Vajubhai’s MLA from the Legislative Assembly has held responsibilities. The organization also has good foothold. So fourth is the name of Nitin Patel. Nitin Patel currently holds the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Nitin Patel’s name was in the CM’s race even when Vijay Rupani became the Chief Minister.
However, he was made Deputy Chief Minister. Nitin Patel has good grip on Patidar leader. Between the Patidar Reservation Movement, they have also been victorious from Mehsana.
In the race of CM 4 name
Nitin Patel
Manusuk Mandviya
Smriti Irani