Monday 15 January 2018

Caution! Do Not Even Google Search By Mistake These 5 Items

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Caution! Do Not Even Google Search By Mistake These 5 Items

Before searching on Google, it is important to know what to search and what not
Google’s people use it to make the most search. People are confident that they will not get anywhere else on Google. But, what do you look for when searching? Before searching on Google, you know what to search and what not to do. It would be good if you did not search these five items on Google. Even by mistake if you search these five items you can get frustrated. Know, what are 5 items …
=- – Do not search by Google while searching on Google. Because Google has a database of your search history and doing a search on a random basis risks getting leaked. Heckers are just waiting to wait for what they get to hack easily.
2. Suspicious thing: – Most of the people on Google search for some things, they do not have any means, but they are simply searching to look for them, do not search for such suspicious items. Because, the look of cyber cell is often only on those people, who try to search something suspicious. In this way you can get frustrated. There is a provision for jail sentence in cyber cell case
3. E-mail: – Avoid even searching for personal e-mail login on Google. Doing so may leak your account hack and password. According to a study, there are cases of e-mail haiking worldwide. Many of his complaints have also been filed in cyber cell.

Do Not Even Google Search By Mistake

4. Medicine: – If you are searching Google about illness and medicine then it should also be avoided. Because the search data is transferred to a third party. Due to which you will be shown continuously related illness and its treatment-related advertisement.
5. Advertising: – Google should not ever search any information related to insecurity. If you do this, then you seem to get relevant news about it. This lets you know that someone is following you on the Internet. If you want an ad that does not bother you with unsafe, then avoid searching it.