Thursday 25 January 2018

Download This App For Useful All Farmer

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Download This App For Useful All Farmer

Message useful for farmers
Download this app in which you will find
Market prices of all Gujarat cotton, all of the vegetables
Information about current weather
The app offers :

Agronomy advisory: FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app harnesses the power of skilled agronomists to deliver unrivaled agronomy advisory for sustainable and profitable farming in India. We utilize a combination of latest research and development to ensure our Indian Farmers can face their daily farming challenges with knowledge and confidence.

Weather Updates: FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app will be providing daily temperature, rainfall and humidity updates to farmers. The Farmers will also have access to temperature & rainfall information for the next 9 days via the app. Timely alerts on extreme weather conditions like thunderstorm, hail, and squall will help farmers take precautionary measures as needed and feasible. The weather information is available throughout the country.

Commodity Price Information:Latest Crop Commodity Prices for closest 5 mandis (markets) will be provided to the farmers in a consistent & easy to comprehend format by the FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app. This information will help the Farmers decide the best markets to sell their Agri – produce and price discovery in crop commodities market will also help farmers take correct decisions on their future cropping pattern. Currently, this commodity price information is available only for the following states: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat.

News & Tradeshow Details: Information about agri related trade shows will be available on the app so that farmers can visit these events to know more about the new products and technologies in the farming space. Also, news from all over the country will now be available on the app. This news will help farmers be updated with the most recent improvements & developments in the agricultural zone as well as know more about the country wide happenings across the rural sector.

Information about Government Policies : An important offering which will create awareness among farmers about the different government policies that they can benefit and be empowered with to make informed decisions which will lead to a better future and improved standard of living.

Notifications:Push Notifications can now be enabled on the FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app to ensure that as soon as new information is available on the app, farmers are notified and thus made aware to engage them on the relevant features.

Farmers will now able be to update their current location at any point in time using the “Locate My Farm” feature.

FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app will help Indian farmers improve their profitability by making better & more informed operating and financial decisions and thereby have an extremely positive impact on the complete Indian agriculture ecosystem.

The research and development of the FarmRise™, Mobile Farm Care app initiative is being funded by The Climate Corporation. The Climate Corporation (a subsidiary of Monsanto) aims to build a digitized world where every farmer can optimize and flawlessly execute every decision on the farm, thereby helping the global agriculture industry to stabilize and improve profits and, ultimately, help feed the world.