Wednesday 24 January 2018

MOBILE has been stolen or lost? Finding This Easy Trick

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MOBILE has been stolen or lost? Finding This Easy Trick
In today’s technology era, mobile has become an integral part of our lives. Living without mobile has made trouble for humans. So if your phone is lost or lost suddenly When this idea is unimaginable, you no longer need to worry about being stolen or missing on mobile. You can get your lost or stolen mobile phone in time by some tricks given here.
There are several websites on the internet that help you recover your lost or stolen mobile. You can take help of these websites. You do not have to worry about the police station to pay for mobile servicing.
Users need to register their phone’s IMEI number on these websites. When buying a new phone, first dial your phone’s iMI number * # 06 # and make a note. After that register on the websites given here and find their lost mobile. Through these websites you can get your lost or lost phone back.
Sync your phone to a Google account
You should use this trick in case of missing or stolen Android Device Manager (Android) or iPhone (IOS). Google’s Android operating system (OS) has an in-built tracker. So you do not need to download an app separately for this. To use it you have to turn on the ADM and give permission to lock or clean your own phone. After that you will need to sync your phone to a Google account and connect to the Internet.
Using the Track My Phone Feature
You can use the Track My Phone feature in the event of a phone being lost or stolen, from the web or any other mobile. On Google, searching for a search by typing a track microphone will give an option to search or track the phone by downloading Android Device Manager App in Android Phone. It can be logged in with Gmail ID.
Take special care of these things:
1) Every mobile or smartphone has an IMI number.
2) Dialing the # 06 # from your phone can be known about the phone’s IIMI number.
3) This number should always be kept in a secure place by note. In the future, you will be able to work in this number in the event of mobile lost or stolen mobile.
4) With this number you can track your phone.
5) To see the IMEI number, the handset battery can be seen and the IMEI number can be seen from the sticker put in the phone panel.