Tuesday 13 February 2018

The government’s decision, soon to do this work, will be canceled if driving licenses

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The government’s decision, soon to do this work, will be canceled if driving licenses
To eliminate the Fergie driving license (DL), the government is going to take steps to link the support card. To this, telling the Supreme Court, “Now the drivers have to link their driving license and support.” The government is working on a software for this. If a driver’s license is not linked with a support card, the driving license can also be canceled. Earlier, the bank account, mobile number, pen card, water ID card, ration card, LPG connection card or other document has also been linked to the base.

Firing driving license will be canceled:
According to the government, it is creating a software that can easily link driving licenses to support. For this, people who have a furrow driving license will be aware of this or the license will be canceled. Together with SIC NIC, a software is making a Sayyee-4, allowing driving licenses to be linked with support.

Crime will be over:
According to the government, once the driving license is linked to the support, the crime rate on the roads will also be reduced. For this, one software will be attached to all the states, when it connects with each other, all the vehicle drivers of India will easily find information.
Find out which other documents will be linked to the Aadhaar card …

Bank account:
Bank account will also need to go to the bank branch to link with support. Along with this, you can link using Internet and Mobile Banking. You must log in to your bank account in internet banking. Where you have to click Update Aadhaar Now you have to subscribe to your base. After the process is over you will need to put an OTP which will be available on your register mobile number.

PAN card:
To link the PAN card, you will have to go to the Income Tax website. After giving a PAN and support delivery, the theatricalization will be done and the process will be complete.

Mobile number:
There are 2 processes to link a mobile number. Go to the website of the telecom operator or call the company’s IVR number to link the phone with support.

POS Office Scheme:
Now it is necessary to link support to open any type of account in the post office. Also required for an account like NSC and PPF. For this, go to the India Post website and download the support linkage form and submit all the information.

Insurance Policy:
Log in to the insurance company’s website to link the support to the insurance policy. Here the policy number and date of birth will come. After verifying the support number will be asked to update. At present, LIC, SBI Life Insurance, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and Max Life Insurance online support linking services are available.

Mutual fund:
CAMS and Karvy Computershare offers online linking service. For this, go to the company’s website and tap on Link Your Aadhar. Submit the form by submitting After that OTP will be entered, which will be sanded on the registered mobile number.