Friday 16 February 2018

Truecaller's extremely useful 7 features, do you use?

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Today most of the smartphone users use the truecaller app to know who's calling an unknown number, but many more can be done without knowing the name of the callers. Here are some of the 7 benefits of truecaller apps

Call Block
- The app has the advantage that it can block a call from some special numbers. 4

Know Who is Calling Without Internet

- It is not necessary for the use of this app that every time your internet is on. 
Once the internet is closed after identifying the number, call will be given to the caller. 

Avoid Spam Calls

- Trunklor also saves you from spammers. It tells you that the number from which the call is coming is marked by other users SPAM. 
- In the same way, because of the information in advance, you can decide whether to respond or not. 

Troucler dialer - truedialer

You can do many other things without having to block a call from a trucoller. 
- This app also has a dialer app, which you can make the phone's default dialer. 
- This app called Truedialer sinks with a trucoiler. 
- You will not need to search or block numbers separately by this. 

Search By Number Search

- There is also a search bar in the scroller, which will appear after you open the app. 
It can also be searched by typing a number. 
You can also search any number by typing a name or address. 

Create your own profile

You can also create your profile on TrueCollar, which you can customize as per your requirement. 
- In such a way, you decide how much information your other users have about you. 
You can also add your full name and photo 
You can also fill in information from Facebook. 
- They can also add their own website and email IDs. 
- You can also print a small demonstration on your own. You can also hide your identity in such a way 
For this, you have to go to the Privacy tab within settings. 

Remove your number from the TrueColor database

- Truecaller App gives you the right to delete your number from their own database. 
- To do this you have to go to 
- Type a mobile number with country code (+91 for India) here. 
Here you also need to show cause why you want to delete your number. 
If you have to enter the CAPTCHA code then click on the Unlist button.