Monday 26 February 2018

Unlimited Internet And Messaging Service Launch Simcard, 165 Countries Will Wor

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Unlimited Internet And Messaging Service Launch Simcard, 165 Countries Will Wor

NEW DELHI: Chat SIM, which provides SIM card, launched its latest SIM-SIM 2 SIM card in Milan, Italy. The company's SIM card is being asked to include users' unlimited internet surfing and messaging. The special thing is that it does not have to pay any kind of charge and there will be no limit to it. Under the Chat Sim Annual Plan, users will have the facility to send messages to approximately 165 countries.

Chat Sim 2 will be launched in the 'Mobile World Congress 2018' in Suzan Walking from February 25 to March 1 in Barcelona. It is being said that other features of Chat Sim will also be curtailed in the program. Unlimited packs in chat sim2 run on jeera rating concept. Let us state that before the company launched Chat Sim, there were some restrictions.

In the previous chat sim, users had to buy some multimedia credits for photo, video and voice calling. However, on the basis of Chat Sim2, the company has claimed that the user will be able to use Internet Surfing and pending mobile applications under the original plan.

According to the company, Chat Sim 2 will work with about 250 telecom operators from around the world. Whose reach is in more than 165 countries. In the upcoming Plans with SIM card, you can make unlimited chat through some of the selected apps, including apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, V-Chat, Telegram, Line and Hyk.

This SIM iPhone will work on operating system, Android and windows phones and tablets. There is no information about what its value will currently be in India.

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