Friday 6 April 2018

GOOD NEWS: Now the license from any RTO / ARTO state can be renewed

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GOOD NEWS: Now the license from any RTO / ARTO state can be renewed
Any RTO / ART of Gujarat can now be modified like duplicate driving license, license renewal and address without the NOC of the respective office. The state’s Department of Transportation has been informed to all the offices through the official circular.

Almost all RTOs and ARTO offices in Gujarat are integrated with Sarathi-4 software. In other words, all data of Vadodara RTO can be seen by the state’s other RTOs / ARTO office finger trenches. Now after implementing Sarathi-4, any person can renew the driving license from any RTO / ARTO office in the state, remove duplicate licenses, and modify the address of the license. For the above work, no need to take any objection certification from the relevant RTO / ARTO office. After verifying the driving license of the applicants, the RTO / ARTO office will follow the circular of the Vehicle Department.

What procedures will be required for a duplicate license?The applicant will have to apply the application number to the website. After that the applicant can send directly to the office or other person on their behalf. After scrutinizing the office application, the fee accepting the duplicate license will be given.

What to do if the record is not available in Sarathi-4?
The applicant will have to backlink the data in his respective office in RUBRU. Then there will be an application number from the above website. Any RTO / ARTO state will retain the backlog data, renew, address alteration and duplicate license.