Thursday 28 June 2018

21 Century the biggest Lunar Eclipse Today

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A lunar eclipse happens at a Full Moon. The Earth orbits around the Sun and Moon around the earth, so when the Earth comes between Moon and the Sun then Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, it is called a Lunar Eclipse. As most of us know that Moon is not self-illuminated but it reflects Sunlight falling on it. During Lunar Eclipse light coming from the Sun is blocked by the Earth, and directly it does not reach up the Moon so, moon’s brightness, reduced very much.

The National Numbering Plan is one of the Fundamental Plans along with Switching, Routing, Transmission, Charging and Synchronization Plans. A major review of numbering plan was done in 1993. This plan was formulated at a time when there was no competition in the basic telecommunication services, the competition in cellular mobile services had just started, paging services were in a stage of infancy and Internet services were not available in the country. It could cater to the needs of existing and new services for another few years.

During this period either the Government or its public sector undertakings were mainly providing the telecom services. Management of the number allocation was, therefore, not complexNational Numbering Plan (NNP 2003) was designed to take care of the numbering requirements for about 30 years’ timeframe. However unprecedented growth of the mobile segment,