Friday 1 June 2018

big news ! If the policy of LIC has changed then the rules, read quickly, new rules or else?

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big news ! If the policy of LIC has changed then the rules, read quickly, new rules or else?

New Delhi: The Life Insurance Corporation of India, operated by the Indian government’s LIC, has introduced a few new rules and plans which are very important for you to know. Our team has written an article for you about this, hope you like it.

According to the new rules, if you are not able to fill your installment on time or before time, you will be charged 10% penalty charge on the return received in 6 months. If you can not fill the installments in a while, then your policy return can be held.

New scheme: LIC has launched a very good scheme with its own which must be taken by every Indian and the scheme is such that you will take it immediately after learning about the scheme.

Shortly before the LIC launched a scheme called Kanyadan Policy which is only for daughters. According to this scheme, you have to take out only Rs 75 per day and you will get Rs 16 lakh for daughter’s daughter-in-law. Let’s give you complete information about it.

The insurance protection you are given in this scheme is.

If the daughter’s father dies due to any reasons, then you will not be able to go ahead with the scheme and your policy will continue.

1. If the death is normal, the family will be given Rs. 6 lakhs immediately and Rs. 12 lakhs will be given to the death due to accident.

2. Up to 60000 rupees per year will be given for the upliftment of women.

3. At the time of the wedding of Bitalia, Rs. 16.60 lakhs will be given as a bridegroom.

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