Sunday 24 June 2018

Choose 1 of these and we’ll tell you What Is Your Actual AGE, try it

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Friends in today’s era, most of the time people pass in the use of the internet, whether they use on the phone or on their computer. Bringing a new and pompous look everyday on the Net has become difficult for Reporters. But we bring you new goods every day. We have brought a way for you today, through which you can tell someone’s age without asking him.

You have to choose any one from 1 to 9. After that, multiply that digit by two. Whatever the answer will come, join five Now multiply the answer given by fifty. And now you have to add 1967, whatever number you have now come, it will be four digitsNow you reduce the year of your birth day from this. As if your birthday is 1985, then reduce that number from 1985.

 Now the answer to your three digits will be left. The first issue from these numbers is that which you have chosen, and the other two digits are your true age.

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