Tuesday 19 June 2018

Defective photographs in WhatsApp will be automatic deleted

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Gadget desk: Most people believe that WhatsApp is more likely to get useless than working on WhatsApp. Good morning and good night messaging on WhatsApp, many people have lost their memory in smartphones. Especially in the WhatsApp campaign, large number of photographs and videos are shared. Well, if the useless photographs on the WhatsApp are deleted manually, you would be delighted to know that there is an annoying trick that gets annoying photographs coming on WhatsApp.

Apps will be deleted annoying photographs: First download and install the Gallery Doctor application from the Google Play Store in the Android smartphone. Click the Skip button in the screen which will come in front of you after the download. Now wait a few minutes, the app will scan the useless photographs by itself.

After the analysis, the screen will appear in front of you, there will be all the options like bad photos, similar photos, WhatsApp photos, Long videos, Screenshots photos. Out of these photographs, you can select and delete the desired photo.

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