Sunday 17 June 2018

Good news for those who hold voter ID card

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Hello friends Welcome to the world of high tech news, yes yes you read the title right in the title. Friends, all of you know that since the Modi Government has come in the interest of India. Then the Modi government is bringing new plans for all of you, and recently, the Modi government has made a big announcement on the voter ID card and the identity card, which will make you happy, knowing what is the announcement Give information about this.

Friends, this announcement of friends is being considered as a major decision by the Modi government. Which has happened to all citizens of India. It has been said in the declaration that the Modi Government has taken a tremendous way to create and change the voter ID. Through which you can also make your voter ID card, or you can also change your voter ID card. You do not have to make any effort for this. For this, you can do all the work by going to the Election Commission website. One more thing, if you make any changes to your voter ID card, then you have to give the same information for that. If you change your date of birth, then you have to give your date of birth for it.
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