Friday 29 June 2018

Now the electricity bill will not rise, the government's new plan - know what is

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Modi government may decide the normal level of 24 degree temperature for the air conditioner next time. If this happens, millions of units will save electricity across the country every day. At the same time, people's health will also have a positive effect.

The Modi government believes that the low temperature of the AC is neither good for health nor even electricity costs. The Power Ministry has decided that it will offer advisory for all the companies who use AC and large businesses. It will be advised to keep the default temperature of AC 24 degrees.

The power ministry says it will be run as an awareness campaign which will continue for 4-6 months. After this, the government can take opinions from people and make them compulsory by making rules.

Power and innovative and renewable energy minister RK Singh, while campaigning for the promotion of energy efficiency in air conditioners, said, "The high temperature of the air conditioner reduces power consumption by 6%.

In the meeting of leading companies and their associations, AC said that the normal temperature of the body is 36 to 37 degree Celsius, but in commercial establishments, hotels and offices the temperature is kept at 18 to 21 degrees. It is not only harmful but it is really unhealthy that people have to wear hot clothes in this temperature.

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