Wednesday 6 June 2018

Now writing English is easy, instantly install these apps

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To write English, many things have to be addressed. Writing English is also a difficult task. Writing English is so difficult, because writing in English involves paying attention to grammar, which is quite difficult. But today is the time of technology. Everything is possible, you can improve your English through an app.

We’re talking about the Grammarly Keyboard app, this app will get you free on the Play Store. We will tell you for your information that before now this app was available for cable computers. But now it is also available for an Android phone. You download this app and then open it, after that go to input settings and enable the Grammarly keyboard.

Now you can use this keyboard. The layout of this app is quite simple. Apart from this, if you make a mistake in writing, this app shows your mistake, which can help you make English easier to write. You are logged in this app and enjoy this app for everyone.
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