Tuesday 19 June 2018

Recovery without Deletes Photography App Deals from WhatsApp Gallery

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Gadget desk: There are many advanced features on WhatsApp. By mistake, any other group or contact can also be deleted if the message gets sealed. If the person in front of the message has read or downloaded a photo, video or any other media file, it will be deleted from the gallery. So, there is also a feature of WhatsApp that lets you retrieve deleted media files from the gallery.

The photo-videos deleted from the gallery will be returned

- There is now a feature in WhatsApp that lets you download the delete media again.
Suppose someone has sandwiched a photo or video on youtube and you can delete it from the phone gallery.

- Delight photo or video can be downloaded again by visiting the same WhatsApp group or contact.

- Update your media if you are not re-downloading on WhatsApp. Because this feature is what WhatsApp has

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