Tuesday 10 July 2018

Caller tune is activated, it is very easy to do this in free

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Caller tune is activated, it is very easy to do this in free
If you have a SIM of Geo then you can tune the caller in free. It can be used for unlimited time without charging. The process of activating it is also very easy. What we are going to tell you through this article today. So let’s know its full process
Go to your message number and send JT to 56789 in SMS. After this, you will receive an SMS from Geo, which will be the category of songs. Select the categories of your choice and send them. Likewise, for further selection, the SMS will be sent to them, please send them to the quote. This allows you to tune your song to any song in the selection of songs of Geo.
You can also do this by downloading the Geo app from this app store. By doing so, you will get more options for songs. Find ‘Geo Music’ on the App Store. Download the Geo Music app from here. Open the app and search the song of your choice. Play your song and click the button given here. Your caller tune will play. If you like it, then set it. Once the caller tune is set, Geo’s message will come up. Caller Tune Set for 30 Days Only After 30 days you can set another caller tune again.
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