Monday 2 July 2018

Today, Aadhaar Virtual ID In The Base Will Remain Valid For 24 Hours

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Aadhaar virtual ID: Today, the Aadhaar virtual ID in the base will remain valid for 24 hours: To strengthen the security of the base, the Aadhaar virtual ID launched in April will be applicable today ie July 1st. In fact, UIDAI decided to make some further changes among the news of data leakage. Under which new feature Aadhaar virtual ID is being brought. Now do not have to give a support number to take advantage of other facilities including subsidy. Instead, authentication with the 16 digit number of the Aadhaar virtual ID can be done. The Reserve Bank had given instructions to all the banks to make changes to the system till June 30 to accept the Aadhaar virtual ID. Apart from banks, other service providers have also been ordered to change the system under this deadline and accept the virtual ID from 1st July. Only virtual addresses can be updated from the Aadhaar virtual ID. A New Feature of Hope!
All that you want to know Aadhaar virtual ID

What is virtual id?

A type of virtual id is a temporary number of 16 digits. There will be only a few of them. UIDAI users will be given the opportunity to create a virtual ID of each base. If someone has to provide support information, then it can give a 16-digit virtual id instead of a 12-digit basis.
Where can a Aadhaar virtual ID be generated?
Support virtual id can be generated only from UIDAI Portal. It will be a digital ID. The base holder can generate it several times as needed.

How long will it be valid?

At present, the virtual id is valid only for one day. This means that after one day the base holder will have to generate a virtual ID again. The user will be able to use it only once. Second time it will need to generate an ID.
How Will Aadhaar virtual ID Be Generated?

To generate a virtual ID, go to the home page of UIDAI Portal. Enter your support number. Re-enter the security code and click on the sand otp. Your mobile number will be verified on the basis of which the mobile number is registered. The option of generating a new virtual ID of OTP will be found. When it is generated, the number of virtual IDs on the mobile will be 16 digits.
What will it benefit from?

It will give the option of not sharing the support number at the time of verification. Various items like authentication, name, address and photograph from Virtual ID will be authenticated. Older form generating new virtual ID will be canceled. The official agencies will not be allowed to generate virtual ID.
Will there be any trouble?

Generating a virtual id is very easy but it can cause problems for people who do not have internet access. There may be problems in rural areas.
The last date was June 1

While launching the Aadhaar virtual ID in April, it was said that banks and others could not accept it. The service providers were given time till June 1st to adopt a new system.