Thursday 5 July 2018

Why is a petrol pump called petrol pump?

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Why is a petrol pump called petrol pump?
Have you ever wondered why petrol pump is called a petrol pump, why not a diesel pump? There is also diesel in there. In addition, CNG means some people also say gas pumps. Sometimes we ignore these things, but there is something for some reason behind it. What is the reason behind telling petrol pump
Find out why petrol pump
In fact, petroleum means raw oils, fueled by all other types of fuel like petrol, diesel or gas. This may be because the petrol pump is called instead of a petrol pump instead of a petrol pump.
Fuel pump, diesel fuel pump, gasoline pump, petrol pump, all these names are being used by people from different countries.
So, the real name of it should be a fuel machine which fills the fuel like petrol, diesel, CNG, kerosene in any vehicle.
What is the diesel pump?
In fact, diesel pump means that the injection pump is on diesel in the cylinder. Fuel Pump, a fuel pump, is a special type of device that is usually associated with an IC engine.
What other countries have said petrol pump
In Australia – gas pump
In America – gas pump or fuel dispenser
Finland, Germany and France – Fuel Pumps and Diesel Fuel Pumps
In Asia and other European countries – petrol pump or gasoline pump
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