Monday 6 August 2018

This is the world’s first single smartphone, which mostly only girls do.

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Friends, everybody is using smartphones nowadays whether the girl is a boy, but if you talk about why this is the phone which is mostly used only by the girls, then tell you that any mobile phone of OPPO F7 or OPPO is such a smartphone Which uses approximately 60% more girls. Let’s know its features and price.

Specifications of Oppo F7
Friends in this phone
Six pixel 6.23 inch full HD display

4/6 GB RAM 64/128 GB ROM
16 megapixel rear and 25 megapixel front selfie camera

Because Salafis fonders are mostly girls, therefore they are the first choice, along with this smartphone you will get a 3,400 Mh mobile battery and its starting price starts at 21,990.