Tuesday 5 February 2019

If you want to type typing, get a job for the government and earn money at home

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There are many people from you whose typing speed will be huge and they will also have an interest in working from an online home. But, despite being a talent, it can not earn its earnings. You will be shocked to know that people like you are giving the government the opportunity to earn a living online and you can earn money by working like a data entry for the government.

So you know Modi Government's Digital India, but very few people know for Digitize India. There is not even a lot of information about how to take advantage of it. Let us tell you that the government has started a campaign. Under which you can earn up to 10 thousand rupees per month. Just need to know your laptop, internet and typing.

In fact, the government wants to digitize old files by this campaign and the government is giving people money for it. If you also want to help the government, go to https://digitizeindia.gov.in/ and register yourself.

In the registration you will have to give a lot of information including your mobile number, support card, e-mail ID. You can then start the job of data entry. Now the question is where will you get your earning money and for that you have to link link card with a support card. There will be money in this account.

Under this campaign of government, you will find files in the file format. You have to prepare in the text and the column. You will need to type in it. One other thing that you need to know is that there will be one word against you to keep the privacy of files going.

You get reward points for this work, which you can earn money by redeeming. A reward point is equal to 2 paise. To redeem those points, your account should have a minimum of 2500 reward points.

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