Saturday, 22 July 2017


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Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani launches JioPhone at 40th Annual General Meeting of the company However, the selected customers will be available for trial from 15th August. Pre-booking will be done for JioPhone on August 24 and will be available to customers from September 1.

Customers can purchase JioPhone’s pre-booking MyJio App and Geoan retail store on August 24. The value of JioPhone is kept at 0. However, for securities, the company will charge Rs 1500 from the customers, which will be refunded after 3 years.
This JioPhone was launched by Akash and Isha Ambani, the voice command will support if you talk about the phone’s features. This phone will support 2.4 inch QVGA display, micro SD card slot, torch light, FM radio, pin button and 22 languages. This phone has been launched with 4G support.
The intelligent phone will provide dual sim support, 2 megapixel rear camera, a VGA camera with a 4GB internal storage and 512MB of RAM. The biggest feature of this phone is that JioPhone will be able to view JioTV and JioCinema content on large screens and connect with any TV.
Here’s how you can get the affordable JioPhone:
Interested customers can pre-book a JioPhone via the MyJio app or by visiting a Jio retailer from August 24.
Mukesh Ambani has announced ab ‘effective zero price’ offer for the JioPhone under which interested users will have to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 1,500, which can be refunded after 3 years.
Ambani during the 40th AGM stressed that the JioPhone will be available to customers at an effective price of Rs. 0, considering that they can collect the entire security deposit after 36 months. “The security deposit is necessary to avoid any potential misuse of data,” said Ambani.
We can expect more details to follow soon. Ambani confirmed that there will be 5 million JioPhone units that will be available every week for customers in India.
To recap on the JioPhone, the entry-level phone will come with unlimited voice, data, and texts. The JioPhone customers will have to recharge with a Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan monthly pack of Rs. 153, which will give them free voice, texts, unlimited data, and free access to Jio apps. At the 40th AGM, Ambani also announced an accessory “Jio Phone TV-Cable” that will allow users to connect their phones with any kind of television sets. For connecting phone to TV, users will have to recharge with Rs. 309 per month pack for large screen.
Talking about features of JioPhone, the phone supports 22 languages and can be controlled via voice command. A short demo of the voice command feature on JioPhone was showcased during the keynote presentation where the device was able to play music via Jio Music. Additionally, the JioPhone will also come with a panic button that is enabled when long-pressing the number 5. Moreover, the JioPhone will come with advanced NFC support that will be rolled out to users via OTA software upgrade.
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