Monday 22 January 2018

Find out if your smartphone has a virus or not

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Find out if your smartphone has a virus or not
Android smartphones are easy to use and users can also use plenty of apps. This is because the operating system is preferred by the users. But because of the Android open-source platform, Android smartphones are always at risk due to viral infections.

Because of viral, there are many kinds of problems coming to your smartphone. Usually the users generally understand. But here we tell that after the entry of the virus, your smartphone’s operating system changes.

However, if the users pay attention to the things shown here, you can protect the smartphone as soon as the virus comes. Here are some tips we have given you, depending on whether you have a virus in your Android smartphone.

Slow 1 phone
The first feature of a virus in Android smartphones is the slow down of the phone. When the phone’s memory is full, services like camera a browsing usually slow down. But due to viruses, the speed of the phone is slow during calls, messaging, and typing.

2 Datas soon to complete
Most of the viruses in the Android phone come from the internet, and the use of data is more in virus attacks. If you have completed a month before your data plan But after the entry of the virus, this data is completed in 10 days, 15 days, or less.

3 Warm up the phone
During the viewing of browsing or video, the phone is usually hot, but after the virus arrives, it also gets hot with the normal matter of call or SMS.

4 Quickly drain the battery
This is an indication of the virus coming into Android smartphones that the phone’s battery is swiftly completed. If the battery is old and soon enough, then there is a general battery problem, but if there is a sudden change then understand that your phone has a virus.

5 more pop up ads
If your phone has a virus, you will see more pop up ads using internet browsing or any app. Any word will become a link or manual opening will be on the screen.

6 File cut and delete the data
After the virus has arrived, the data available on your phone will be deleted. Or the file seems to be taxed. The photo and the video that was open before it suddenly blanks. It does not open because the file format is changed.

7 More to come
Virus also damages your data and phone and causes economic damage. The phone has its effect on your bill after a virus has occurred. If you have prepaid users, the balance will be completed and the postpaid users are more likely to get the bill. Virus makes any service active on the phone or because of this, some backgrounds keep downloading.