Thursday 4 January 2018

Make a call at this number at home and link the mobile number with support

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Following the IVR process, the process of connecting support to mobile numbers has become easier now. IVR means Interactive Response Service, which started by the Government of India. This was disclosed on Digital India's official Twitter account. You must have a base card and a mobile number for OTP before making a toll free number. Airtel, Vodafone has already activated this service. Reliance Jio and BSNL will also start this service soon. Like the IVR process, you will have to follow these steps for re-verification of support. Calling 14546 from any mobile number and linking the base to the mobile number with the mobile number.
Call on 14546 from his mobile number.
Indian or NRI:
Choosing an option related to Indian or NRI option. After that you will be asked to link the mobile number. Her 
to be clicking at number 1.
Must provide support number:
After that your 12 digit digit number will be provided and 1 number will be pressed. If your support input is incorrect, then you are 
also given the option of another option. An OTP will generate one-time password that will be available on your mobile.
Personal information:
Now your mobile number will be sought under IVR process. After that you 
have to give all information about the name of your mobile operator, photo, date of birth .
Read the last four digits of the mobile number:
After that, IVR will read the last four digits of your mobile number and Firai will ask you to confirm the number.
OTP should be placed:
After confirmation, users will be given an OTP from SMS after confirmation.
The message will be:
After otip, you have to click number 1. After that the process will be completed. Your mobile number will be linked to the support. With support 
Tamar's mobile number veriphekasana whether it would IVR mansion. After the process is completed you will get a message.
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