Wednesday 24 January 2018

Make a photo and video on Whatsapp without any app

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Make a photo and video on Whatsapp without any app

Most people using smartphones will be using WhatsApp. There are a few photos on the WhatsApp that we want to hide. You can also hide such a photo and video without any application. You do not need to download any separate apps for this. By following the steps given below, you can easily hide your photo and video.

First, open your phone’s file manager and go to the internal storage.

Now open the WhatsApp folder in it. Open the folder named Media in this folder.

Now, by renovating Whatsapp Images in it, let’s do the Whatsapp Images and renaming Whatsapp Videos .Whatsapp Videos That is, before the name of the folder Apply a dot and click OK. Now this folder will not be visible.

Now go to your phone’s settings and click on the apps manager. Click the gallery here in the all section.

Now go down and click Clear Cache. Now if you go to the gallery you will not see the photo and video of the voter.
To view the hyped file, go to the File Manager’s WhatsApp folder. Now open the folder called media. Now you can not see the folder of Whatsapp Images and Videos. To see it again click on the option to the right of the first right. Now click on “Show Hidden Files” found here. Only clicked on it will see hidden files. If you want to see it again in the gallery, delete the dot on the front of the folder name