Monday 8 January 2018

Search In Your Name In Voters List

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Importance of the Voting List

The voter list is the only document that permits eligible voters to participate in elections. Voters whose names do not appear on the voter list for a particular constituency are not permitted to vote in that particular election, even if they hold valid voter ID cards.
It is for this reason that voter should always check the electoral rolls before an election to ensure their name is mentioned in the final voter list that is drawn up for that particular election.
For first time voters or those who have just registered for a voter ID card, it is important to check if their names have been updated in the electoral rolls, failing which they will not be able to exercise their voting rights.

Voter ID List Components

A voter’s list contains information similar to that of a voter ID card. It mentions the individual’s full name, photograph, date of birth and signature sample. This is used by electoral officials to confirm the identity of the individual at election booths.

How To Check Voter List

With digitisation, the Election Commission of India has begun the process of digitising the electoral rolls based on constituency. Voter list searches are now web-enabled, making it easier for electoral officers as well as individual voters to check if their names have been included on the voter’s list for the constituency they fall under.
All records concerning the electoral rolls are now available online, making it easier for individuals to locate their name in the electoral roll or check if their name has been updated in the rolls in the case of new voters.
Voters can log on to the National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) and check for details regarding the inclusion of their name in the voter’s list.
The NVSP has made a provision for individuals to check if their names have been included in three ways, as detailed below:

Search by EPIC/Voter ID in Election Voter List –