Friday 12 January 2018

These 10 new features are coming up with whatsapp

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Wattsapp is bringing new features. Now WhatsApp is testing new features in its bit version. It includes features such as Unblock and Private in Group. According to sources, WhatsApp is currently working on these new features. Let's learn what WhatsApp is bringing out new features.

 -Private Ripley
Now you can chat with any member of the group while chatting in any group. You do not have to move from that group to that.

- Invite by link

A new shortcut invite vita link has also been included in Group Info. This option is like the iOS application. This will be seen only by the admin.

-Audio-video call switch
Recently, information about this feature of WhatsApp is available. Now audio-video call can be switched in the WhatsApp beta version. The company will soon be launching this feature for the world's WhatsApp users. It is worth mentioning that the user has to disconnect the call to switch the call.

-Instagram Stories
Fasabuk gave the feature to share Instagram series on Facebook in October last year. Soon you will find this feature on WhatsApp. This feature can be encrypted as a WhatsApp State status, posted on Della Instagram.


In the coming days, you will be able to shake your mobile and notify WhatsApp something wrong. Then you will be able to go to that section of WhatsApp content. From where you can send your WhatsApp page to check.

-Group calling

In the IoS update, the option of group calls is also being worked out. A group call can also be done through it.

-Picture in Picture

After this feature, you can send a message to your friends along with a video chat.

-Admin setting

According to sources, a new section admin setting will also be added in the future. There will be two options, Sand Message and Edit Group Info.

-wotsap business

For business owners who deal with their customers through WhatsApp, WhatsApp will launch a new app with the new name, WhatsApp campaign. Currently testing on this app is also being done.


Tapping on any contact will unblock it and chat with it.

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