Wednesday 3 January 2018


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If you send a message to WhatsApp, you will see your number. Even if we do not want to show it, it is known to our number. If you are having trouble and do not want to show the number to the message you are receiving, then it can also be done now. If there is a message to someone without the number shown then here’s the easy way.
You must first download the Primo App from the Google Play Store. It’s also easy to enter this app and enter it on mobile. After installing the app it has to be created in the account. You can use the app by e-mail ID and mobile number.
Did you know phone calls just turned 140 years old? I had no clue, until the guys from Primo Connect sent us an email about it. Surely, things have changed plenty since then. We now carry powerful computers in our pockets, and it seems calls are about the most basic thing they can do. The only problem is that while our phones can accomplish so much, it seems they haven’t perfected basic communications quite
The Primo app aims to change that. This service is trying to offer a one-stop shop for all your communications needs. You can use it to make calls, send SMS messages, do video calls, send files and more. In essence, it is pretty much a glorified instant messaging app.
Primo Connect does have some things that make it special, though. It doesn’t only work with people using the same app. One can also send SMS messages and perform traditional calls to anyone. And if you are calling within the list of 33 free countries, you will get a monthly allowance of minutes that won’t cost a penny.
Primo does all of this over data, so you probably want to go with WiFi, at least for the more data-intensive features like video calling. Additionally, you may find yourself in one of the 65 countries that offer Primo’s voice network. In these areas you can call even when not connected to the internet at all.
Well, there is really no catch here. Primo Connect is not doing everything for free. Users do have to pay if they go over their allowances, but they are “calling card rates”, making communications relatively affordable. Also, if the country you are calling is not within the list of free destinations, you will have to use credits, which can be added straight from the app.

The company is looking to fund its project, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, they are calling for investors to reserve their shares. You can do this from the StartEngine campaign they have launched.