Tuesday 27 February 2018

If lost ATM card, make these three jobs immediately

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If lost ATM card, make these three jobs immediately
ATM cum debit card can help you pick up money not only from ATM but also buying online at the same time. We keep this card for ourselves, but sometimes the ATM card is lost if there is a problem. You can also take money from your account by misusing it.

You can be cheated if an ATM card is reached in the wrong hands. The amount of your hard earned money in the bank can disappear within a second. Therefore, this work should be done immediately to avoid fraud with you if the ATM card is lost.

Let the card be blocked:
If you find out that your card is lost, then first block it. For this you can call your bank’s customer care. Here you will get the option to block the card. Apart from this, some banks also offer separate hotline numbers for blocking the card. Keep track of the bank card you have. Doing so will not misuse your card.

Make a card protection plan.
Some banks also offer a protection plan on ATM and credit card. After getting fraud under this protection plan, you are given a refund facility. If you have taken any card protection plan, please contact them immediately. Under this plan, you can repay fraud with you in the Limited Time Period.

If the card is returned:
If your card is lost but returns after a few days, the bank gives you the option to unblock the card. In the meantime, you can unblock the card by informing the bank. However, after this you should also take appropriate measures for safety. The secret pin of their card should be changed. Doing so does not leave you in danger of being cheated.