Monday 12 February 2018

Know, who eats your phone’s battery!

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Know, who eats your phone’s battery!
If you think your smartphone’s battery will end soon, then using these methods the battery will last longer …
Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data
First off first try to stop Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data. Due to not doing this, the battery lasts more quickly and if you need it, then use it to save.
Stop the location services
Go to Settings-Location Services and remove the Tick Mark from all the boxes. If the location service continues, the battery will continue to track the location of the phone. If necessary, you can turn on the location service for some time.
Use bookmarks
Have you ever noticed how many services are running continuously in your phone? Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Office mail, Google Plus … also spend all these batteries and data. If possible, use bookmarks.
Brightness decrease of the screen
The screen uses the highest battery. Large screen, more shiny and high resolution, eat too much battery. Keep the brightness of the screen in auto mode in your phone. Doing this will cost the battery less.

Avoid spam apps
Nowadays the new app launches every day and it’s free, but that does not mean you are downloading without thinking the app. It’s easy to uninstall unnecessary apps, but what a waste of apps are already on the phone and you never used!
Remove Live Wallpaper
Do you know how much battery cost to use floating fish wallpaper on a phone’s screen? Instead, create a dark wallpaper and your battery will last longer.