Wednesday 14 March 2018

The computer has to work with these ‘shortcuts’ to make it easy

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make it easy
Tech Desk Nowadays it’s hard to live without a computer. Every job requires a computer. In a way, we rely on computers for every job. But it is also important to have good speed to work on a computer. For this, we are going to tell you some ‘shortcut’ that will make your work in less time.

Ctrl + Z: Undo- With this help you can find any deleted mater again. Using Ctrl + Z, you can go back one step.
Ctrl + W: Close If you want to keep tabs open on the computer’s browser and want to stop it immediately, use it.
Ctrl + A: This shortcut is used to select the whole text together.
Ctrl + F: You can use it to search for a word or a name from a list of many people on a document or any page of the Internet.