Friday 1 June 2018

Gujarat government will also give reservation to certificates like reservation class

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The Gujarat government will now also give certificates to the reserved category like non-reserved category. This certificate will be used to take advantage of the educational and financial scheme announced for the government by the government. It is noteworthy that after the Patidar agitation, the government has constituted non-reserved class judiciary and corporation, which has made various recommendations for the reservation.
The government had recently recommended that non-resident commission should extend the age limit for setting up the JPSC examinations, and if the vacancy occurs in a hostel made for SCST stumps, the families will also be admitted. Apart from this, many recommendations have been made by the Commission.

Now the activation has been launched by the Commission to ensure that non-reserved categories are available to the people of the reserved category by the Non-Reserved Golden Commission. In addition to the education loan, at the cheap rate, 35 schemes are being considered for the benefit of the government.

Survey will be done in each district from the state government to know the requirement of non-reserved categories across the state of Gujarat. For this, 500-600 different samples of different types will be taken from each district. In addition, education loans at two to four percent, and loan for foreign education are also being considered. By making a report of all this, the non-reserve commission will submit to the government, and then it will be taken to action.

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