Monday 2 July 2018

Now download in a second 3 ! how? Know how

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Now download in a second 3 ! how? Know how
new Delhi. In India when 4G came after 3G, people were not happy about it. People got faster internet speed than ever before. But now this year, there is a big change in the world of communication in India. After this change, you will be able to download three movies of one-one GB in a second. Apart from this, you can get rid of cable, dish and internet wires too. All this will change in reality from the launch of GSAT-11. This satellite will launch France’s Space Agency Ariane.

Ahmedabad Space App Center
Its weight is 5700 kg. It has been developed by Space Application Center, Ahmedabad, ISRO. This is India’s largest satellite so far. ISRO has tied up with Arian to drop it due to its lack of ability to launch the satellite. Following its successful launch, India will also have its own satellite-based Internet. This will also increase our internet speed.

14 GB per second speed
The speed of sending data with the help of this satellite will be 14 GB per second. Data communication in the country is currently at some MB per second speed. With this help, it will be easy to use internet in any corner of the country. To access the TV or the Internet, its signals can be acquired with the help of a dongle. The GSAT-11 program was approved by the government in 2009.