Friday 6 July 2018

Tata Sky and Dish TV holiday, Jio will show TV channels in less than 1 rupee

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Tata Sky and Dish TV holiday, Jio will show TV channels in less than 1 rupee
About a year and a half ago, on the strength of its free service Reliance Jio launched the ruckus service, the benefit of this is still getting the customers. After smacking in the telecom industry, Geo is now preparing for another blast.

Now the company is going to launch the Home TV service to compete with Tata Sky and DishTV. According to news reports in the media, Geo will provide customers with SD and HD channels at a very low cost.

According to Reliance Jio, this service will also be quite affordable. In this you can see 200 SD channels by paying 200 rupees. At the same time, you will get 200 HD channels. These rates can be found in a 28-day monthly plan. That is, you can enjoy HD channels in less than 1 rupee and HD channel in less than Rs 2 rupees. But it is not clear whether this technology will be like DTH service or not. But it is essential that it will hurt the DTH channel’s business. According to sources, Reliance Jio will be based on the service-enhanced multimedia broadcast multi-cast service (eMBMS). Speaking of this technique, it will be hybrid technology. This technology works without internet. A few days ago the Geo Broadcast app was viewed on Google Play Store. It was told that Geo HD will offer streaming quality live broadcast in service. Significantly, Geo had said last year that Geo is testing the EMBMS technology.

Let us tell you that Reliance Jio has been offering some products in the tech world for the last one and a half years, which is not only very useful for the customers, but is very cheap at the same time. After introducing his unlimited voice calling and data service, Geo had introduced Geo Fi, which would allow Geo service to be enjoyed on 3G mobile phones. After this, the company had started using freeze phone phones. Waiting for people after Geo phone now is the landing of Geo in the field of TV.
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