Friday 6 July 2018

Good News: If you have an ATM card then the bank will pay Rs. 100, know how

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Good News: If you have an ATM card then the bank will pay Rs. 100, know how

Indore The job of the bank is to make every person in today’s time. In the meantime, online banking, UPA is running. All people have an account in some bank. In order to get the money first, the slip had to be spent in the banks in the hours, but after the ATM card came, the problem has become far away. Those who have accounts in banks also have ATM cards. If you have a bank ATM card, then this news can prove to be beneficial for you, as per the new ATM rules of RBI, your account will get Rs. 100 daily. Let’s know about this rule.

Let us know that according to this new rule, the bank will have to give you Rs. 100 as a penalty. In fact, the old software is being used at many banks’ ATMs. In such a situation, customers have the problem of not getting cash from Fraud and ATMs. RBI has ordered all the banks across the country to install new software in their ATMs.

In fact, many times it happens that whenever money is taken from the ATM to ATM machine then for any technical reasons, money is cut from our account, but the cash does not come out of the ATM. If there is such an incident with you then you should immediately inform the bank about this in your bank branch. For this, you download the information sheet from the RBI website. If your money does not return to the account in seven days, the bank will have to pay 100 rupees in your account daily as a penalty. This money will be lien until your funds are credited in the account.
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