Sunday 5 August 2018

The battery of the phone is spoiling as much as charging more: the American professor's research, 5 bugs cause the battery to crash quickly

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Professor Steve Martin of the US State University of Iowa researched the smartphone battery life

Gadget Desk: Professor Steve Martin of the US State University of Iowa did the battery life on the smartphone. According to the research of the professor, the amount of energy you spend on your smartphone as often as you charge it is up to a certain percentage of energy. And the percentage of energy vendor increases as we go to charge the phone. As a result, when the phone is old, its batteries start flowing quickly. As a result, people think that their phone's battery is very bad.

Professor Steve Martin, who taught thermodynamics over the past 30 years, gave a small example in the conversation with the website 'The Conversation' about the vaporization of energy, that you take two glasses. Fill the water in one. Keep one blank. Now pour water into a blank glass from a filled glass. Do this 3 to 4 times Although the entire process does not fall below a single drop of water, the first time you have taken the glass in the glass, there will definitely be a reduction. A little water will remain in the glass only. This happens when charging. Every time a phone's battery is charged, its very small part starts to spoil. Battery charging increases and battery life seems to be shorter.

5 bugs to get worse due to smartphone battery

Do not Update - If you do not update the phone's apps and software, the chances of getting a virus attack on the phone increases. Updating is unlikely to cause viruses, which cause the battery's battery to heat up and perform poor performance. Keeping the phone's apps and software updated.

Phone Full Discharge - The phone should not allow the battery to be completely discharged for better battery life. Battery full discharge seems to weaken the battery. Therefore, the phone should be charged again when the phone's battery is 15%.

Bad quality - Never use a local battery in the phone. Besides, charging the phone with a duplicate charger can spoil the phone's electronics parts.

Avoid over heating - the heating of the phone reacts negatively to its battery. In that case the phone should not be warmed. If your phone is hot when playing a game on the phone or while talking, all the functions should be closed for a few seconds.

Do not make mistakes at the time of charging - if you are charging a smartphone, never play a game on it. Other than that, if you are talking on the phone while charging, it can prove to be dangerous for you. It would be better not to use it while charging the phone.