Wednesday 10 January 2018

149 or 199: Which plan of Geo is better for you?

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Geo has increased data with reducing its plan prices

 Reliance Geo upgrades its plan again in Data War. Geo reduces its plan by up to Rs 60 by giving 1 GB of data per day. While some plans have started giving 50% more data to the planes. It is worth mentioning here that all the benefits are for Geo Prime customers. All these plans provide free voice calling benefits in unlimited voice calls, SMS and roaming.

These 4 plans are cheap

- 1 GB 4G data for 28 days on 149 rupees for 28 days 
- Rs 349 for 1 GB 4G data gets for 70 days 
- Rs 399 for 1 GB 4G data for 84 days 
- Rs 449 for 1 GB 4G data for 91 days
50 percent more data in these 4 plans

- In the Rs 198 plan, 28 GB 4G data was received for 28 days, but now 42GB 4G data is available in this plan. 
- In the Rs 398 plan, there was 70 GB 4G data for 70 days, but now it has 105 GB 4G data. 
- The 448 rupee plan had 84 GB 4G data for 84 days earlier, but now this scheme has 126 GB 4G data. 
- In the Rs 498 plan, there was 91 GB 4G data for 91 days, but now this scheme has 136 GB 4G data.

Find out what is the difference between a plan of Rs 149 and Rs 199