Wednesday 10 January 2018

Jio will be happy to deliver to customers, every day will get 5GB data

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Jio will be happy to deliver to customers, every day will get 5GB data

Talking about Reliance Geo's popular Rs 509 plan, it is giving 3GB of data every day. There are 84GB data in total. However, its validity has been reduced by 28 days to 49 days. Similarly, if we talk about a plan of 799 rupees, Geo now gives 5gb data every day. When first 3gb data was given in today's plan. His validity was 28 days.
Apart from that, the company has a plan of 19 rupees, 52 rupees and 98 rupees for Geo's small recharge. The validity of the plan for 19 rupees is 1 day and 0.15gb data is being provided, the validity of the 52 rupees plan is 7 days, out of which 1.05GB data will be given. Validity of 98 paise will be 14 days, in which 2.1GB data will be provided. This plan offers unlimited calls, subscriptions and SMS subscriptions to Geo Apps.
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Earlier, Geo had a plan of Rs 199, Rs 399, Rs 459 and Rs 499. Now the cost of this plan has been reduced to Rs 50. But the benefits will be like all before.