Friday 5 January 2018

SBI can take this big decision, will benefit millions of account holders

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NEW DELHI: State Bank of India gave the betting reduction rate to consumers at the beginning of the new year. But now it seems that gifts will go ahead. SBI can give you one more gift. In which you will have to keep less money in the bank, you will also be saved from the charge. The bank is now considering reducing the limit of minimum balance.

 According to the rule of minimum balance of the SBI, 50 percent less than 50 percent of the balance in the accounts of the metro cities, 50 rupees, 50-75 percent less balance, 75 rupees less and 75 percent balances if the balance is not maintained. 100 rupees charge is charged. In urban areas, if there is less than 50% balance of less than 50% in the urban areas, then 40 rupees, 50-75% less

balance, 60% less than 75% and 75% is charged. After pressure from government for medium annual balances (MAB) By saying this, he defended his charge, that the bank has to spend a certain amount on every customer's account. The charge that is being levied for not maintaining certain balance in the account is much less than the cost incurred on it. The bank lifted the limit for keeping minimum balance in all savings accounts in 2012. However, it was re-applied on 1 April 2017.
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