Friday 5 January 2018

The new 10 rupee note, the RBI has declared 'First Look'

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) 500, 2000, and 200 rupees are going to present a note after issuing a new note. RBI will shortly announce a 10-rupee note. The new note will be from the current Mahatma Gandhi Series and it will be the signature of RBI governor, Urjit Patel. On Friday, the RBI released its symbolic image. Its color will be chocolate brown. These notes will now be a picture of the sun temple of Karnataka.
What would be the new note? 
On the
forefront - 10 digits will appear inside the note 
- in Devanagiri language will be 10 
- There will be a picture of Mahatma Gandhi 
- 'RBI', 'India', 'INDIA', and '10' in small letters 
- India and RBI will be written on the security thread 
- The right side will be Ashok sign 
- the number will be printed from the smallest
- The notes in which the notes are printed in the left will be written on the left 
- the clean India logo will be with the slogan 
- Language panel 
- image of the sun temple of Karnakas - Devanagiri 
will be 10 in 
size - Note size will be 65 mm by 123 mmAAccording to the media report, the Reserve Bank has printed around 1 billion notes of around 10 rupees
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