Sunday 5 August 2018

You can take one, but this is not the way you can use ScreenShot on a smartphone

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In today's world, without any smartphones, no one can be seen, with the increasing use of smartphones, new phones are being launched everyday in the market, however, this problem is initially difficult to understand the special function in the new smartphone. Then we tell you about six ways that you can take a screenshot in any smartphone. In this way, if you use Android, Windows and IOS smartphones, then know about these 6 ways.

If you are using an Android smartphone, you can take a screenshot in two ways. First step press the phone's power button and the home button simultaneously. Another way is to push their phone's power button and the volume down button together.

If you are using a Windows smartphone, you will need to press the power button and home button simultaneously to take a screenshot. This requires that you use the Windows 8 operating system's smartphones, this trick will not work in the following OS's smartphone.

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